b. 5/27/1995
b. 8/1/1999
Vinnie & Cory

Cypress Coast Shilohs

My first Shiloh came from Steven Betcher of Betterways Kennel in 1995. Smoking’ Sigrid of Betterways (Lisa/Shep). Siggy was a giant gray sable smooth coat, very tall and lean at 120 lbs.  In 1999 she was one of the earliest breedings to Artus, a German ADS outcross from Trillium Hill Kennel. From that litter I kept Eddie, but he was unable to breed. Our dearest Siggy lived to be 14 and 1/2 years old…in good health until a series of strokes. Her son passed only a few months later

Thanks to Fireside Kennel and Sam Knaus  I was able to start over with my once in a lifetime girl, Chiara (Amara/Ari), whose drive was so high that she excelled in training for Schutzhund obedience. She needed a job but it was clear she would never bite anyone.Our trainer described her as a “cosmetic” protection dog who will bark on command, but that’s it. She became a big hearted therapy dog, an ambassador of good will who is still a people magnet to this day! Her temperament is exemplary in confidence and social stability.

She was bred in 2016 to Joey of River Crest Shilohs and from that litter I kept Freddie, while his sister Hattie Layne went home to live with her papa Joey.

Freddie has a very laid back temperament, easy going with a big personality and always a tail wagger! He is a happy boy who is also a “leaner” when snuggling. He has a way of of slowly approaching a new acquaintance, getting closer and closer while maintaining eye contact…then I hear “Oh my!” which means this person just got “Freddied”. Yes, it’s a verb to have been Freddied!

I think Freddie would be the perfect “AquaDog” to help Aqua Man save Atlantis…I could see him saving the world on the big screen!